El Restaurante de Doña Rosa

Right now Doña Rosa’s next door to the B&B is the only full-service restaurant in Macheros. It’s open from 8 AM until 9 PM every day during the butterfly season. We’ve included Rosa’s basic menu below to give you an idea of the fare available and the prices. Rosa can easily accomodate special requests, such as food for small children, vegetarian or vegan fare, or gluten-free meals. Just tell your server about any dietary restrictions when you order.

Breakfast, served from 8-10 am. Photo by Darrell Yoder.

Trout is the house specialty. The fish that we serve is as fresh as possible, harvested from the family trout farm the same day. Rosa’s is also known for its delicious tortillas, made from non-GMO corn harvested from the family milpa. The water supply that we use to wash our fruits and vegetables comes to us directly from mountain springs that we share with the butterflies, so you don’t have to worry about water contamination as you would in many parts of Mexico.

We also sell wine and beer, so no need to bring your own. 


DESAYUNOS/BREAKFAST (included with your room; 120 pesos for non-guests )

Incluye café o té, jugo de naranja, frijoles  y tortillas hecho a mano

Includes coffee or tea, fresh-squeezed orange juice. Beans and home-made tortillas served with egg dishes.

 Huevos revueltos con queso/Eggs scrambled with cheese

Huevos revueltos con jamón/Eggs scrambled with ham

Huevos a la mexicana/Eggs a la mexicana/scrambled with tomato, onion & chile manzano

Huevos estrellados/Fried Eggs

Avena con fruta y miel/Oatmeal with fruit and honey

Ensalada de fruta de la temporada con yogurt/Fruit salad with yogurt


Order a lunch to go with torta, chips, fruit & water for 100 MXN.

Torta de jamón con queso o solo con queso (Con jitomate, lechuga, cebolla, chile jalapeño y aguacate)

Torta (sandwich) w/ ham and cheese or just cheese, w/ tomato, lettuce, onion, jalapeños & avocado 60 pesos

Quesadillas (melted cheese sandwich made with tortillas) 65 pesos

Sincronizadas (quesadillas dressed up with ham, tomato, onion, jalapeño & avocado) 80 pesos


Viene con sopa tarasca, ensalada, tortillas hecho a mano y café o te

Includes tortilla soup, salad, home-made tortillas and tea or coffee

 Trucha/Rainbow Trout (200 pesos)

Empapelado **House Special** (Roasted in foil its own juices on a wood-burning stove. Stuffed with tomato, onion, chile manzano & epazote, a kind of savory)


A mojo de ajo (Fried with garlic)

Adobada (Cooked in foil with red chile sauce)

A la plancha (Roasted without oil)

Pechuga Empanizada/Breaded Chicken Breast (100 pesos)

Chile Relleno/Chile Poblano stuffed with Beans and Cheese (100 pesos)

Tacos de Pescado/Fish Tacos (200 pesos)

Carne Asada (Beef grilled with onions and nopales, an edible cactus) (100 pesos)

The House Special: Trucha Empapelada


 Té/Tea (de monte, de limón, jamaica, manzanilla o negro)

(de monte, which is like mint, lemongrass, hibiscus, chamomile, or black tea) (25 pesos)

Café negro o con leche/Coffee  (25 pesos)

Leche/Milk (15 pesos)

Agua pura/Bottled Water  (10 pesos)

Jarra de agua de fruta (avena, naranja, limón, mandarina o jamaica) Pitcher of flavored water (oatmeal, orange, lime, mandarin orange or hibiscus)  (25 pesos)

Chocolate/Hot Chocolate  (40 pesos)

Chocolate con ron/Hot Chocolate with a shot of rum  (60 pesos)

Cerveza/Beer (25 pesos)

(Modelo, Negra Modelo, Corona, Indio)

Una copa de vino de fruta/Cup of home-made fruit wine (30 pesos)

Un caballito de tequila o ron/Shot of tequila or rum (30 pesos)

Botella de vino tinto o blanco/Bottle of red or white wine (250 pesos)