Cerro Pelon Butterfly B&B

Tel: +52 (715) 112 5499

Email: jmbutterflybnb@gmail.com

Address: Macheros, E. de Mexico

Cerro Pelon Butterfly B&B
We’re located two and a half hours outside of bustling Mexico City in the bucolic farming community of Macheros (pop. 400). The B&B includes 14 well-appointed rooms with en suite bathrooms with a full-service restaurant next door. Our grounds feature ample outdoor space, a rooftop deck with spectacular views, a swimming pool and a spacious yoga studio. We’re also a five-minute walk from the entry of the Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. While we organize butterfly tours from November 20-March 10, myriad hiking trails, birdwatching, scenic vistas, horseback riding, cooking classes and peace and quiet are available year-round. Plan your next retreat with us for exclusive use of our entire space.
Tours & Activities

When you take a tour with us, you’re helping us to provide work for people throughout the year, not just during the short butterfly season. All tours begin with an orientation session to give you a brief overview of monarch biology, area history and conservation challenges, as well as an opportunity to meet your fellow monarch enthusiasts. We take care of the logistics, carrying a picnic lunch for you and helping with your horse. You are accompanied by one (or more, depending on the size of your group) of our experienced and attentive English-speaking guides.

Our Forest Conservation Non-Profit
While our village has become more prosperous, other communities that share Cerro Pelón with the monarchs have not. When we took people up the mountain to see the colonies, we were continually stepping over illegally logged trees on the path. The ongoing devastation of the forest inspired us to start Butterflies and Their People, in order to bring economic development to Cerro Pelón’s neighbors the form of long-term, full-time forest jobs. 
The project started with three full-time workers in 2017 and has since expanded to six. The guardians document Cerro Pelon’s flora and fauna, pick up garbage, and make trails safer. Most importantly, their paid presence has helped reduce clandestine logging of the core protected area of Cerro Pelon.  All funds raised go directly to paying the guardians’ salaries, while administration, management, reporting, accounting and communications for the project are underwritten by Cerro Pelon Butterfly B&B and the volunteer labor of its proprietors.